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The work by byron katie

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Wow.  Love this topic.  Super powerful observations of your own feelings and responses.....thats really cool.  Im gonna go a couple different directions here.  

I think is SUPER important to develop, and listen to your feelings and emotions regarding "self-help", "spiritual", "self-improvement" teachers.  

In my own experience; I've had 4 categories of responses:

1.  Resonate with both the person and their message/teachings. (Eckhardt Tolle falls into this category for me)

2. This category I call "Picking Raspberries".  Feel mixed on the person; like, they drive me a little nuts sometimes or some aspect of their shadow is super obvious, but they're unconscious of it, or, its something they're still working through--but I resonate with most of their message/teachings.  So, like a raspberry bush.  Raspberry bushes have thorns, and also juicy fruits.  So, to be mindful of the thorns and pick around them for the gem-like fruit.  

In those moments when Im feeling the little strums of discord, this category of teacher challenges ME to be both aware of what resonates as truth inside of ME and compassionate to them as a fellow human being walking this path, and ultimately leads me to more self-love because I realize that we don't have to be "perfect" or "healed" in order to contribute to conscious awakening of ourself and others.  

3.  Person seems fine, but Im just not resonating with the teaching or message at that time (sometimes I end up coming back to them later, when Im in a different place, and now it IS resonating with me; sometimes---not)

4.  The persons shadow is so distracting or upsetting to me, I get past it enough to be able to pick out the "raspberries".  OR, they're so in it for power/money and exploiting people.  (This is always very obvious to me, almost immediately---so Im always suuuuper surprised when people can't tell; like the folks who were swayed by that lady that showed up at one of Teals events telling ppl T was illuminati.)  

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5 hours ago, Brandy Bailey said:

So I created a new topic to express my deepest frustration with "the work" by Byron Katie. I don't know if I'm angry and/or frustrated about this. It might just be anger. I'm not sure, but I haven't felt this angry in a while. 

I get a weird vibe from Byron Katie, like she's type of person that covertly abuses people, and then tells them that they need to go do "the work" on themselves because there's obviously a problem with them and not her.

I feel angry because Byron Katie reminds me of my mom.

She reminds me of a condescending b*tch that is emotionally abusive.


Ok, now, get ready to hate me..... :)   You ready?  Got your hate handy?  Grab a pencil, Here we go...

(If you feel open to actually posting your answers, I know it would help me, and would prob help other people, too.  up to you..)

Byron Katie covertly abuses people 

1. Is it true? Does Byron Katie covertly abuse people?  

2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? 

3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that Byron Katie covertly abuses people?

4. Who would you be without the thought?

Some Turnarounds:

-Byron Katie doesn't covertly abuse people.

-Byron Katie overtly abuses people.

-People covertly abuse me.

-I covertly abuse people.

-I covertly abuse myself.

Byron Katie is a condescending b*tch that is emotionally abusive

1. Is it true? 

2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?  

3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

4. Who would you be without the thought?

Some Turnarounds (dont take personally; you could fill this out much better than me, turnarounds are an art, this is just broad strokes):

-Byron Katie isn't a condescending bitch that is emotionally abusive.

-I am a condescending bitch that is emotionally abusive.








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Ok, and this is the last thing and Im done spamming you for right now I promise...

Regarding your vibes and intuitive compass regarding her reminding you of your mom; I just want to validate that Bryon Katie is pretty open about the fact that she was a depressed, substance abusing, screaming, raving, mean, scary lunatic of a wife and mother, multiple decades?

Its totally ok if her vibe is "too close to home" for you, too triggering, the wounds from your Mom too raw.  Or even if you've just had so much of that already in your life, you've just had enough.  The self-help world would be a much better place if everyone had your discernment.

The book Loving What is, and "The Work" has been transformative for many people, including myself.  Like many teachings, it sprang forth from pain, darkness, and suffering.  

And, since my first reply to you, I looked at some of her stuff on YouTube and I definitely found her style to be pretty rough around the edges.  (I had only read the book, and done "the work" with friends) Her rough, in-your-face approach really works for some people.  As Im watching these videos, I see exactly what you were talking about, and although my interpretation of what that means is different than yours, some of the interactions absolutely feel out-of-alignment.  




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