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Ok, so we all know what daydreaming is, except we were taught that its just In our heads, except when we purposefully use our imagination, we create an actual reality that exists somewhere in the universe, and it happens now, I was just wondering if anyone does this in their spare time, I think it wonderful. I just did it 5 min ago listening to some music from Ambient and it was me, and my spirit guide who is native American yet I don't know his name yet hahah, with a fire in front of us on the edge of a platform of earth, looking out towards the great plains, and the sky was purple and blue, pale, we could see the mountains and the rivers, I brought my animal spirit guide, a wolf along with my long gone pets 2 German shepherds, just all of us looking out at the wilderness and the great plains. Its amazing to think that actually exists somewhere in the universe as source does not see a difference between the physical and a thought, everything is a thought, energy. Beautiful hahaha if anyone else does this or wants to share their daydreaming or imagination stories go for it!

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