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Do others feel this website requires the corporate advertising that appears here ? I would have thought spiritual people no longer have a need for insurance and other old world controlling tactics. These adverts simply do not belong here and only get in the way. Are we not moving away from the spell of fear that we have been under. I have no use of the old but only to be a reminder of what I do no longer require. An end to corporate promotion is here. Lets act today, take actions and remove their temptations and move forward, expand and not go back to that, that no longer serves us but that which is poisoning us. Be gentle with yourselves.

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Advertising on this site can lead to dodgy scrupulous sites that take money and offer nothing. Is this really necessary? Spirituallity is about love and caring for humanity, not labelling and segregation via advertising. This corporate bullying does not belong here. This act is simply hipocritical and is divisive to our cause. I ask the moderators to remove these ads , or has Teals good work been sold out to big compnies for profit .

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