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The healing trap versus reverse integration vs intentional non-integration: for example, social anxiety causes a healing trap- i want conditional acceptance but i also want to heal and they conflict. how do i not abandon myself while speaking with someone? I put pressure on myself to "perform well" and not let them see my anxiety because they will see my flaw. Yet the very act of wanting this conditional acceptance is so damaging to myself and I just can't escape the social anxiety. I am caught with trying to accept this aspect of myself so that in turn maybe I will heal it and then I will feel accepted by people. With the idea of reverse integration or also intentional non-integration (putting the social recluse in a safe mental corner while putting my extroverted side out there) there comes this immediate feeling that I have not accepted the trait of social anxiety. It feels like abandonment.  How do I reconcile this??

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Hi, Millie

sorry i havents logged onto Teal's website for at least a month and i see you message only today for the first time :-)

i am the easiest to find on facebook as Maxim Perly

I Moved to Asheville because i fell in-love with the community here. i enjoy all the spiritual gatherings and different activities that are happening here in Asheville. I am interested to get connected with other tribers in the area :-)

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