VR experiences! Please!

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Our son recieved his first VR headset as a gift! I was so excited myself and of course i had to try it too!  

I was shocked at how realistic my first VR rollercoaster ride was! Had the same electrical shock through my spine as you usually get in real life! Ahhh... I bet it realigned my chackras and everything else :D 

Next i took a trip to Egypt. It calmed me down after the first ride. It was animated, so it didn't feel as realistic but still was very-very cool.

And then i explored space! I have to say this was so relaxing and mind blowing! It actually put me into a state of trance. I had so many thoughts and emotions going through me as i was floating though space. And omg all those colors....  I can definitely see the future schools using VR for education.

When i was done exploring and took the headset off, i was surprised at how long it took my senses to readjust to reality. I had real motion sickness and couldn't navigate myself around, lol. 

I am looking forward to exploring this more. If you already have experiences, please share! Also share the apps or links that you liked!!!!



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Garnet, my partner just got a set with her Samsung phone. Watching the Olympics , and sitting in a muso,s house watching him play piano. Would love to find more apps for it though. The 3d art was just unreal. Who needs a tv now hey!

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