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Back when I was in my mid teens I remember a few OBEs. These came on their own as best I can remember. I haven't have one since then and that was about 40 years ago. But anyway, my first question is while experiencing an OBE, can you meet another person also experiencing an OBE? Secondly, while in an OBE, can persons see you under certain conditions? The second question comes from a clear 40 year old memory of being transported to a beach where it was night. I clearly remember not knowing where I was. I saw a couple walking in my direction and as they began to pass by, I asked them where I was. I still can see in my memory when they looked at each other and then at me. The guy replied with a chuckle, "You are in Florida". I still remember feeling the sand and the water on my feet. Now was this projection or just a dream? Thirdly, when in my OBE, I could pass through walls easily but yet I was walking on the floors and steps. Why? I have many other questions yet.

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I've heard that you can meet others in an OBE. I'm also currently attempting to meet up in a dream state with a friend d right now. It's been somewhat successful with only 2 tries so far. I think intention plays a huge role. A actually just posted a topic about it a bit ago called "co-dreaming".

For the other question, not sure about being seen or not seen. I think if the person/entity is on a similar wavelength/frequency, they can see you.

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