Volunteer Application


for Teal Swan Workshops


  • Volunteers do view and participate in the workshop, just like any attendee. However there is no guarantee that a volunteer will be able to view and participate in the whole workshop as they might be needed at their station during some parts of the event.
  • We give preference to applicants that live close to the location of the workshop as we rely on volunteers to organize meetups, post fliers and contribute to marketing the event in the weeks leading up to the workshop. That being said, we also take applicants from out of town.
  • Volunteering for an event does not include meeting Teal Swan.
  • If the event you are wanting to volunteer for is not listed as an option, then we are not accepting volunteer applications at this time.
  • Volunteering includes free admission to the event. Please note that we don't process refunds if you are chosen as a volunteer and have bought tickets already.

If you have any questions let us know here.

Thank you!

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