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Important Information [READ ME!]


Please Apply ONLY if you are able to Attend the Training and adhere to the guidelines below.  Applications will close after 150 submissions so please apply as soon as possible.

Although professional credentials in Psychology, Counseling and Therapy are preferred it is not a requirement.  We also are seeking practitioners who have established practices and/or seek to help others with healing.


Thank you for taking time to apply for our Certified Practitioner of the Completion Process (CPCP) Training! Please take some time to carefully read this page before continuing to the application.

The Specific location of the training will be announced and revealed to applicants who are offered a spot in the training.

The Cost of the Training is $2650 USD. Housing and Food is also included.


*Please, do not book travel or accommodation until you have received an official offer notification from TealEye.


**The Completion Process Certified Practitioner Training is an Intensive Training.  You will be going into deep emotions and childhood memories. We create a safe space for this to occur with several supporting Practitioners.  However it is still a training to be a Certified Practitioner so you will be expected to hold space and perform CP’s on others for your certification and participation in the event in general.  Certification is not guaranteed with your attendance and participation.  You will be gauged on your ability to emotionally attune with your client, hold space for intense emotions and effectively navigate all steps of The Completion Process.  You may be given homework to complete an extra number of CP’s before certification. 


About the Application Process:

1. Notifications on the status of your application will be emailed to you several weeks before the training.

2. If you have previously applied for another training date, you are welcome to re-apply.

3. We welcome all to apply, regardless of where you live in relation to the training location.

4. We will accept around twenty - thirty applicants into the training. Unfortunately, our trainings at this time are only conducted in English. Fluent English speaking and writing is required for consideration for this training.

5. All applications are carefully read and reviewed by Teal Swan and TealEye staff.

6. Several weeks before the training, offers will be sent.  Those of you who receive offers must reply to the offer email stating your interest & availability within 2 days.  After all the spots have been accounted for, releases will be sent to applicants who we cannot offer a spot to.

7. We receive a high volume of applications. For our last training, only 11% of the applicants who applied were offered a spot. This is a highly competitive process and we are grateful to anyone who applies.


Practitioners are responsible for the cost of airfare and anything not listed above.


Practitioners of the Completion Process are upstanding, responsible and grounded individuals. Many of them have overcome great adversity and trauma in their own lives, which is why they have devoted themselves to this practice. Our Practitioners have high standards of ethics, morality and are rooted in spiritual practice, however they may define it. They are men and women of integrity who do not seek to fix people, but rather, with empathy, understand what happened to them-- not what's wrong with them. Our Practitioners are ambitious, many of them own and operate their own businesses dedicated to helping people. Some are clinicians of both Western and Eastern medicines. Others are humanitarians traveling the world offering aid and support where they are needed. They come from different backgrounds across all platforms including gender, sex, orientation, ability, race, culture, heritage and socioeconomic status. We are looking for diversity, experience and courage.


Helpful Hint: Applications that are complete with a clear photo showing your eyes and contain thoughtfully created sentences are always weighed with priority.

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