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    @Deborah Lippenholtz I feel like the answer to your question might be quite a specific one. My first reaction to this is that a specific person in your childhood had a similar dynamic with you (a parent or sibling maybe), and this person at work is really triggering that experience. And it is very irritating and draining, sort of stripping the joy from you. That is quite eerie and upsetting... I still think it's a specific issue related to a specific person in your early life. Because you are asking the question about one particular person, not about "negative people" in general, right? I feel like if the negativity is severe and related to trauma then you might need to remove yourself from it, and then when you're safe and strong enough you can do the shadow work on it...
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  4. @Bjork Do you really think she doesn't notice the effect she has on other women? She didn't understand exactly why women were afraid to be her friend, (because they didn't know what she was after and felt they couldn't trust her,) but this woman def noticed the effect she had on women. I feel like she played dumb and innocent a little bit, just a little bit in a few parts of the conversation. Do you think the right "next step" for her craving friendship/female companionship is to seek an ugly friend?? She could miss out on some potentially damn good friends because she's being selective. And like I have said before, if she is focusing and selecting a woman based off of appearance and being ugly, isn't that a dishonor to the friendship from the get go? Who wants a friend that thinks we are ugly. If she wants friends, she needs to learn how to be a good one. And a good friend isn't gonna pray on people that are less pretty just so they feel safe. That's so selfish and narcissistic in a way. I keep asking myself what advice I would give. And it has something to do with inner work. Like dream of the friend you want to have, and be that person to yourself. See what people you'll attract into your life. Something like that. And to find a friend, let us be open to being friends with any woman. Let us look for a person that makes us feel good to be around. Someone we have fun with. Someone we can talk to. She's right, she can go up to a woman and say "i need some friends..... would you want to hang out ___ ?" ya know... but to go after ugly women so it's easier and less scary.... is a cop out and insulting to the other woman. It's just not something an enlightened person or highly conscious person would do, in my opinion at least. That's why i was so suprised to hear teal say this and that she does it. Where else have you heard her say something like this?
  5. As a Kiev woman, is it ideal to date an American man? I’m a foreign exchange student residing in the US and have noticed how plenty of men seem to pay extra attention to me. Maybe it’s because of my unusual appearance, seeing as how I’m one of those Kiev ladies from Ukraine, but this has led me to ponder on whether I should consider dating an American man or not. Any other foreign ladies out there that can give me some advice? Would really appreciate it!
  6. That is awesome, 300 people... I would literally go blank and collapse lol. Glad to hear that it does get better Thanks Tessa! Although this aspect of myself is hard to love, I will try my best...because it's sad to not love it, just like it's sad to not love a child ❤️
  7. @Witt well, you know sometimes you have to go through things to learn. she has to go through that experience to even know that she should move past it. like, i can't believe she didn't realize the effect she had on other women, or that she flirted unconsciously. I could see it in her body language even before they talked about that. She's not as conscious as she thinks she is, but she's getting there. And maybe this is the next step. And the reason I mention Teal's mom issues, is because Teal is rejecting what her mother stands for. She goes for the hyper feminine, so she can be the opposite of her mother.
  8. @Bjork very disappointing, indeed. And yes teal does have a difficult time with her mom. She says her mom loved her little brother so very much, that must have been really tough growing up. As kids, even as adults too but especially as kids, we crave love and attention from parents. We want to be accepted for who we are and we want to please them. I don't know how that really is in relation to this though. And yes we are all in different stages. But i don't care what vibration a person is at, it's never good advice to tell someone to find a friend based off of how they look. To find someone you consider below yourself. That isn't gonna promote this woman get to a higher vibration. That's gonna promote this woman focus on superficial shit, and send her backwards. That's what I think at least.
  9. Done Now

    Fair enough Garnet. I don't think there was ever a chance of anyone involved being friends or going for drinks (well, Scot Inquisitor and I seem to get along fine. The lack of getting along is kind of the heart odfthe problem) but, fair enough. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind... the nature of the platform make a meeting of the minds near-impossible... I'm sure there's a way better than just disengagement, but it's not apparent to me yet. Maybe the format's just incompatible with this kind of problem? Ohwell, I don't have any answers as yet! Will listen instead.
  10. MistaRender

    Hey @Garnet There's a PM conversation from 2016 between you and me. Remember? I have screenshots of it. You said little girls ages 4-7 are sexual beings. Why did you say that? Do you believe it's ok to be sexual with a child? I'm bringing this up because I deserve an answer to that question. I actually felt like you were trying to convince me of something inappropriate. Didn't feel right. Also, now that we aren't banning anyone, I feel more comfortable asking you without the risk of being banned. So, do you think it's appropriate to be sexual with a child? Why are you telling random people that 4 year olds are sexual beings? 4 year olds aren't sexual beings, Garnet.
  11. MistaRender

    Garnet responded on another thread. She said No bans. No Warning Strikes. I deserve to be treated this way. She said ""@MistaRender @Inquisitor @Done Now Enough. As far as i am concerned you all deserve each other. If this is the way you solve your issue on the forum's wall, then I don't understand how you get anything done beyond that. Go get beer together because you could probably be good friends to each other. As far as "bad advice" goes. There is tons of it out there, including on the web. I may have given "bad advices" myself too. The way you respond to each other could be considered as "cyber bullying " . No one pulls your tougue here but you yourselves.  Deal with it. "" @Garnet You told me you are required to address flags. Why aren't you addressing this problem? Why aren't you responding to my flags? @Garnet You told me in a prior conversation that you're required to respond when someone flags a comment. I flagged at least 3 comments in this thread. Garnet, why are you refusing to address this problem?
  12. MistaRender

    No strikes for Done Now or Inquisitor. It's utterly amazing how these people miraculously evade any and all responsibility. They're protected from all wrong-doing by admin. At this point we can make that inference. The evidence is right here. You're totally biased. You are completely exposed right now. @Garnet
  13. Have you tried telling your mother how you feel about the situation? Do what you feel you need to do. As your Mother she should love you, and support you for what you choose.
  14. Crystal Rob

    Dear @Cassi827 have you looked up the meaning of the name? Not saying that’s the point just interested. Yes you can call it a sign but a sign of what? Go into your feelings and sit with why it may mean something to you - what are you wanting this to mean? What Need are you expecting to have met by a relationship with this person. Is there a deeper reason for this? All valid things to ask but also hey, just do it and find out! On that vein of thought, have you done Teal’s “What would that mean to me if that were true” exercise. Another good exercise is one she uses in workshops called “You died yesterday”. Look it up - dunno if you watched the Live Sydney Aust The Mirror event, but it was the first-up exercise. I def know she did it in Auckland NZ back in Jan 2016. If you don’t know it, the idea is it galvanises you into realising you need to do things today not put them off. I’m giving it away here but it takes you through to you realise you missed the opportunity of telling someone you loved them. You missed the opportunity to say sorry to someone. You missed doing something you always wanted to do. So place this person you seem obsessed by into one or two of those categories and ... Many years ago now one of my daughters was in the same situation wanting/not wanting because scared of rejection so not wanting making the first move to a guy who she and he had done the eye contact etc soft flirting etc and mentioned to me this first time talking that he was an exchange student and was going back in 2 months; so what’s the point. I said if you never try you’ll die wondering and maybe regretting it. So she took the first move and it was her first major relationship. I put a lock on her door when I knew and said she was old enough to make her own choices from now on. On this constant name popping up - it could also be a warning. How does that feel - just saying, like if it’s Jesus then some of the above makes no sense but maybe does on another level. If you are poles apart in lifestyle or religious views etc then it may simply mean a yearning for the world to be a better place. So if the name is Donald’ especially if related to ‘Trumpet’ and ‘Clown’, run, get out, move to another country!! So meaning is important. If the name is ‘Justin’ or any celeb; you sorta know it’s a phase of you subconsciously lacking something that they can provide. Meaning the law of attraction or mirroring; its showing you what you may decide to work on for yourself. Choice. Make sense? An advantage here for you is pardon please, but you seem young by asking this - not that it’s wrong as I believe it’s actually brave to ask. And I also see that age is your advantage - try something, doesn’t work; try something else. Time is on your side!! Anyway, the law of attraction has worked here too, me drawn to your question- my personal advancement, my way with the time I have left in my life at my age and learning. (always still learning)... Theres a saying: “Age is wasted on the young.” So take advantage of it, is what I say!! Anyway, I wish you well. Love, Light and Happiness!
  15. Lea Magdangal

    Interesting point of view thank you. My grandparents are both from Santa Fe until they moved to San Francisco,thankfully. So, in August I’m going to be collaborating with another artist at her studio in Santa Fe and I’m excited about the project but unsure what to expect emotionally. My grandma passed last year and I plan to bring her jewelry back to her birthplace. I don’t know why but I feel like I have to do this. I also feel like I have a more important calling than just being a painter especially in this political climate but I have no idea of specifics. I sometimes wake in the middle of the night because of the cruelty happening to children at the border and a guilt washes over me for having everything I could ever need. That’s a lot of information but I really appreciate your honest message and awesome you tube videos. Thank you for your meditations . Best wishes, Lea
  16. Seeing someone’s name constantly! Ok so I have a crush on someone, and their has litterly been appearing everywhere! Every show I watch has a cast member with his name, every store I go to a worker that helps me has his name. It’s more then that even. His name just won’t leave me alone. Now this could just be a coincidence, or maybe I’m think to far into it, but I’m not sure. There could be a reason for it as well. Is it a sign? I don’t know, does anyone have thoughts on this, or in a simallar situation?
  17. It always shocks me and makes me very sad to see how people react when they are faced with their inner fragments. Not very much empathy and not seeing it as being the hurt one.. :'-(
  18. Inquisitor

    That would be a valid statement, especially if I wanted to continue to cause arguements, but that's the exact opposite of what I ever wanted. I'm all up for making peace but I doubt it would be recipricated. If MR wants a truce then I automatically accept. Hell, that's exactly what I've been trying for most of the time. This is coming from someone who has said multiple times across the forum that I'm tired of conflict and the bickering so not trying or intending to make myself sound innocent in the participation. That's kinda it. The "bad guy" always thinks they're right without question. The genuine "good" guy always evaluates themselves.
  19. Scot

    As far as I’m concerned, Garnet could have put my name in that list too and I would deserve to be there. Seems to me that I have been thinking of myself as the “anti-bully”. But “anti-bullying” is still bullying. I bet we all think of the opposite side as being the “bully” and think of ourselves as being the “anti-bully”. And so I think we are all playing the blame game. (You started it. No, you started it... and so it goes.) Anti-bullying is still bullying. This thread was originally started in order to talk about “Reality - what it is, and what it is not”. Now, personally I would like to define “reality” as “that which remains true even if you don’t believe it”. In other words, reality is objective (outside of the mind). However, our picture of reality is a creation inside of our minds and our minds are subject to all kinds of unconscious biases and subconscious crap. I would rather try to use the word “perception” for that which is subjective. However, the only picture we have of reality is inside the mind and the mind is subjective. So is reality subjective? No. Can we be fully certain that our interpretation of reality is objective? No. Can we actually know anything at all? Yes. But we gotta admit that we don’t know what we don’t know.
  20. Garnet

    Best green carpet to walk on barefoot 💚
  21. Garnet

    @MistaRender @Inquisitor @Done Now Enough. As far as i am concerned you all deserve each other. If this is the way you solve your issue on the forum's wall, then I don't understand how you get anything done beyond that. Go get beer together because you could probably be good friends to each other. As far as "bad advice" goes. There is tons of it out there, including on the web. I may have given "bad advices" myself too. The way you respond to each other could be considered as "cyber bullying " . No one pulls your tougue here but you yourselves. Deal with it.
  22. @Witt Now that I remember Teal has mentioned her mother was/is a feminist. So I"m assuming, and from the documentary, she doesn't wear make up. I think Teal has resistance to her mother, from their difficult relationship. that might be why she wants to be nothing like her and goes the opposite way with being hyper feminine and all that. So ofc she's not gonna recommend someone to be like her mother. I have to say, also I'd heard her say that finding an ugly friend thing before about graciela so I wasn't shocked, but it's still disappointing. Another thing I just thought about is: we're all in different vibrations and different stages. Maybe this woman wasn't at that stage yet. Maybe she has to go through that first before realizing it isn't what she needed?
  23. Inquisitor

    "If you can't get rid of people for things you don't like because of things you don't agree with, rationalize it in a way that appears like they're breaking rules!" Still need to be pointed out that looking in the mirror before accusing of rule breaking would be prudent. You have more violations than nearly everyone on this site put together. They wouldn't or are unable to get rid of you on the heavy end of the spectrum so why would they with me or anyone else? I don't care for trolling and I don't really have time for it. I could be spending time doing literally anything else than trolling. I have more important things to be doing IRL. Coming to a forum to such an extent just for the purposes of "trolling" people on forum is a wasteful effort. This should be enough to consider for you to realize your claims are false. Like, the easiest way to explain how you see me (and a few other people, not just like with Scot or Done Now) is like those double image or sihlouette paintings that can be interpreted differently by different people. The more you repeatedly see it a specific way and the more you look at it like that, the more it appears. So say it would either be a bear or a pig. You see it as a bear. You come into that room everyday and see the paiting thinking it's a bear. The more this happens, the more that interpretation is reinforced in your mind that it's a bear. Somewhere along the line there was a miscommunication, which was probably a fault of my own for lack of doing so effectively, and you focus zoomed on something that seemed slightly off and basically had become lodged in that framing from there on,so everything you see becomes relatively compressed and smudged into this. It's like I said on the other thread where you said hw you've been on forums for years and I explained that you become part of the fabric in doing so as that's how you've become practiced in processing what's there. You see actual trolling behaviour, and then you see near similarities in others and you process this as the exact same principle regardless of circumstance or nuance. So say you see two parings of an older guy and a younger woman. Most may assume that they could both be father and daughter, but one of them might actually be a couple or a niece and uncle etc, or even just work collegues, a boss and an employee, and just the work collegue variation one alone, you could go further and even say that the younger woman is the boss with an older male employee. Indeed. You're going to the effort of fighting "these people." Reading the entirety of everything we both ever posted on every thread would be better. That would tak too long but you may either agree with that or just want her to see a selected portion of my posts in order to establish a precise incrimination. If you think "addressing" simply means applying a penalty on something simply because it's flagged, that's not actual moderation. Police don't go round arresting people just because someone reported or suspects them. There's a whole investigation process before that. I'm totally open to inestigation. I mean, hell, looking into stuff is what I do. Would be hypocritical to say "Oh I can investigate something but It's not allowed that I'm investigated."
  24. Done Now

    Totally agree about the genetics; that one's a well-proven fact. Generally speaking, the more distant the genes, the less chance that recessive ones will match and express themselves. The closer genes are to your own, the more chance (statistically) that there will be matching recessive genes that may express themselves. It's the same premise that dictates why inbreeding is so destructive. The more similar the genes, the more shared the weaknesses of those specific genes. The more distant, the more chance that the genes will be able to cover more bases, metaphorically speaking. Netflix (and wider mass-media) though, I don't attribute much planning to. They just cater to what the marketing tells them the general audience wants. If the bulk want this or that trend to be shown in their media, the media that features it will gain traction, be greenlit, get exposure, be talked about by other outlets... Self-feeding cycle. Social integration yes, but I would like to say, not so much engineering. Engineering suggests a structured, planned approach. They don't plan, they just chase what the bulk of their audience appear to want in their media. Market research and money. Other than that though, agree! Perhaps surprisingly, I agree that racial preference is itself not really racist (though technically speaking like a pedant, it does intrinsically rely on racial theory, but I'll go with the popular usage here), my original comment was more down to OP's rationalisations, than the premise itself. Informed by prior discussions, and all that.
  25. Scot

    This is directed at me. I wrote a post encouraging a woman who is past college age to follow through on her desire to have sex with a boyfriend. However, she also alluded to seeing rape everywhere. I hoped she could find a loving and caring boyfriend who would treat her with tenderness and they could enjoy sex. That is not rape. Render, were you imagining that I was suggesting that she let herself be brutalized? No. Okay? No. I was never suggesting that she let herself be brutalized. Now, if you want to tell me that I’m still wrong then let’s have that discussion. But otherwise, can you drop it?
  26. thank you @Bjork to speak up on how you think/feel. I think teal was really,... "in the moment" in this particular conversation. and it so happens thousands of people were witness to it!! that being said, i wish the solution was not to find a friend in some uglier woman, but to find the friend in thyself, and then she would attract a certain person. she needs to get past physical beauty (the girl , the blonde, and even teal!) and get towards the middle pinpoint of the heart... that fragile, delacate, new born baby type of delicate feel of the heart that is so pure and so precious and so heavenly. This woman DOESN'T need others, she needs herself. the blonde. and teal, as well. she needs to find that part of herself that finds herself beautiful! teal's advice is helping her find ugly amongst not only women in the outside world, but the woman that she is on her inside world! and if she focuses on ugly, she will also see it in herself. we gotta get the HELL away from that. hashtag$$$ ##TRUTH
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