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  3. Broken_Mirror33

    I don't think a hacker would accept this. It's like trying to crack a password. The number of possibilities may seem astronomical, but it's still possible to come up with the correct password via a lucky guess! This method may seem a lot like the method hackers use to brute force a password and you'd be correct. But the so-called brute force method is still one of the most powerful tools in the hacker's arsenal, because it has been known to work! Remember, we don't have to come up with every possible initial condition in the data set; we just have to find one that works for the given situation! The whole point is to get probability on our side, every possibility we explore increases our chances of success. I'll take 51% odds over a coin toss any day 😉
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  5. Leighton gill

    I't says this was posted 2 days before today??? Time Weilder
  6. Leighton gill

    Hahah yes! I was Homeless for a year. And now I live in intentional community.
  7. deniz

    Yes i practice IFS as a coach with my clients! 😁
  8. uclasteven1

    Thanks @Garnet and @Eveslofl for your responses, I've been doing more work recently in Shadow work and the Completion process too. I did finally find a job that felt right, and still working on some resistance around going to work, day after day. And regarding my parents, I've been looking for ways to hold space for their perspective as well as mine, although I have a tendency towards self-doubt and a susceptibility to gaslighting. I've learned to see that they are just unaware and not really doing these things consciously, so I'm practicing not really taking anything they say seriously, and just finding the humor in it. Instead of taking their criticism personally, I look for the humor in the fact that they don't know everything that's going on in my life, in my body, in my head, in my emotional body, and just let them think what they choose to think.
  9. stace

    TEAL ; ” ONEness is a by product of polarity....which occurred when this ONEness, that’s PARTof the UNIverse, divided into this polarity.....” vid @ 02:00 (two minute warning); “BrrrDING” ME; “Wait! Is coffee ready?” TEAL; ....” make sense?.....does that make sense...?” 🤣 ( guess u had to BE there🙃🤣🙃) 💚!👽😻👩
  10. GabijaCij

    Teal visited the IMG academy in Florida today and met tennis legend Nick Bollettieri.
  11. Garnet

    Can bulldozing count as an act of self-defense?
  12. stace

    Indeed! Or further, the Shadow that IS the difference/ resistance in homeless v HOUSEless! Keep em coming Teal 👁! 💚, stace ( 👽😻👩)
  13. Garnet

    Many work places are are very interested in training their best employees! For FREE. So let's remember that. Because working just pay off your degree leaves a woman with no life unless she has financial background already.
  14. Garnet

    I know it when I see it. Maybe it's a shortcut😄 There are things that come to us through imagination, dreams etc. It gives us opportunity to either create it ourselves or find it already made for us and ready to use.
  15. Not knowing the full picture or when having very little information about something usually leaves us with one option- following our gut and choosing what feels best at the moment. It's like following the momentum. Sometimes knowing too much leads to inability to make any decisions at all! No decision is also a decision. No momentum.
  16. Garnet

    Time slows down right before something very important is about to happen. Or at least it feels like that... as if everything moves in slow motion. Many people experience delay in time right before an accident or when meeting someone very significant in life. The delay in time is often described as a gift.. an opportunity to reach for.. an open window in time.. a chance to re-group yourself.. take that wheel and hold it tight.. move away.. or just mentally and physically prepare for the inevitable to happen [in worst case scenario] So when a person doesn't see his entire life flash in front of him in a matter of long seconds, I guess, it is a good day. I've heard many stories of people surviving really bad situations thanks to their ability or pure luck to face the danger from the right angle so to speak. Here is an example of one of them (the page appeared in English but it may be my settings): I would like to take this opportunity and bring it to everyone's attention. This has nothing to do with LoA. Knowing is better than not knowing, so let's just share what we know or perhaps experienced ourselves! Because the truth is we never know what we don't know but it doesn't hurt to know what to do just in case.
  17. Garnet

    Thank you. That thought makes me feel better somehow. There is information that is very hard to store for the reason the way it was created.
  18. Witt

    Someone has actually created an amazing modality on this it's called internal family systems IFS therapy. It's so intrueging and the studies done show this modality is very successful ... Like unseen positive results come from this work.. one woman said one session of IFS would have taken her a year in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)!!! I am so grateful I've found this gem and key knowledge into healing and integrating all the unresolved parts of self! Check into it. Ifs therapy . Richard Schwartz is the founder . His speeches and presentations on it (check YouTube) r the absolute best.
  19. Witt

    @deniz look up ifs therapy Richard Schwartz on YouTube... Teal is in elementary stages of understanding and explaining parts work... It's good she's at least becoming aware of it ! Bit Richard Schwartz has created a whole modality all about parts... It's genius and very advanced and sophisticated.. it's the fastest growing modality in psychotherapy amongst therapists! There r three things to know... We have two kinds of parts and the authentic, true self . The two kinds of parts are protectors and exiles. The exiles r the wounded vulnerable inner children that r hidden away by the protectors. The protectors are brokem into two groups.. managers (pre becoming triggered) and firefighters (post being triggered). The most common parts are managers. But getting past them And meeting the exiles and going through resolution with them is amazing. There's a whole protocol and system to it. They can be healed and they r still there but their role takes on a new form , something healthy. U really gotta look into it! It's my hope that teal does too, as it can help her immensely and help her teachings immensely! Enjoy.
  20. tsunami

    desire and want i realise sometimes that i don't know what i want...until i search for it! an example is that i go to a shop or something... i basically don't know if it is the best way to have something?
  21. you are my first follower, thank you!:)

  22. what if let's say a tibetan monk passing by looks into the box and sees Schrodinger's cat being both dead and alive ? what I like about buddhism is the will to transcend duality amongst other things. I think multiverses and all their dimensions totally enable me to be already dead on another planet/timeline, surprisingly alive and typing here and maybe even beyond space and time in another realm at the "same time". quantum physics are fascinating: try to divide a photon in two and it...multiplies itself. Like fragmented selves, or when dissociation happens for the very first time in someone's life? love and cheers, Deneb
  23. Enoch

    Looks like a video is not so far away
  24. Broken_Mirror33

    Furthermore, how can we relate the above scenario to what Quantum Theory teaches us? Perhaps, the most applicable principle to the above situation in QT is quantum superposition. In that, the possible outcome (i.e. graduation) could be thought of as being both true and untrue at the same time. Knowing which outcome is the case requires one to look into the "box" so to speak; only then does reality collapse into one possibility or the other. In this case, the "box" was my transcript and the conscious observer being the chair of the department. If only I had "looked into the box" sooner I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort! This leads me to reality hack #2: Apply Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment to the situation to try and determine the state the "cat" is in before making any decisions. After all, if it's possible to determine the state the "cat" is in that's really the only "initial condition" that matters! We don't need to know every possible initial condition, if we can only determine the state of Schrodinger's Cat! Quantum Theory teaches us that only by observing does the probability function collapse into a definite local state. The sooner we make the observation the sooner reality collapses into one possibility or the other! On a final note, try getting a second opinion if you're just not sure whether Schrodinger's Cat is alive or dead. A different observer may see something completely different as observations are biased by our subjective experience. For instance, I may look into the box and see Schrodinger's Cat as dead, while the chair of the department sees Schrodinger's Cat as alive and well! At any rate, find an opinion that matters, it may make a world of difference!
  25. Broken_Mirror33

    I can't help it. I see the sum total of all our decisions as leading us to the same path, regardless of whether or not we think we can influence the outcome. Do any of the decisions we make truly matter? If so, which ones? Chaos Theory teaches us that we cannot ever know enough about the initial conditions of a complex system to predict the outcome. Because the amount of information about initial conditions of a complex system is infinite. This is what's known as the butterfly effect. As an experiment I made a decision that would influence the course of my life by the flip of a coin. The choice was whether or not to drop a course I needed to graduate, because, quite frankly, it was a pain in the ass. This meant I would have the rest of the semester without the headache, but I also wouldn't graduate. And because I exceeded the maximum time limit for my financial aid, I didn't know when or if I would eventually graduate. But because it was such a difficult decision I agreed to whatever the outcome of the coin toss. The reason for this was to see if the outcome would be the same regardless of which decision I made. The decision of the coin toss was to drop the course. In the short term I was upset about this. Within the next few months, however, I landed a well paying job rather unexpectedly and began paying back my student loans as they fell out of deferment. Of course, even though I was making money and repaying my loans, I was still no closer to being able to take that last course I needed to graduate. If I kept the current job I was in, which I planned on doing, I wouldn't be able to take the course I needed in the fall due to a scheduling conflict. As fate would have it, I ended up losing that job just weeks before the start of the semester because of a shrewd bipolar woman who I found it impossible to get along with. I was even more upset by this sudden loss of employment than not having graduated. But this also meant that I was free to take the course I needed for graduation in the fall. I was unsure if this was the right decision to make, but several synchronicities I had with angel number '1717' told me I was on the wrong path--in terms of materialistic pursuits. So, I listened to what my higher self was telling me and opted for the less materialistic path, which was earning my diploma. However, I still needed a job while attending school since my loans were no longer in deferment. If graduation was in the cards, I would have to find a job that fit my schedule within the next couple of weeks. As fate would have it, I found a job in the same field I was in that was strictly 40 hours on the weekend, so I quickly applied. I went for the interview and I got the job just a week or two before the start of the semester. (Lucky me!) The start of the semester went off without a hitch. But halfway through I was feeling anxious and burned-out. I went to speak to the chair of the department to see about taking an incomplete and finishing the rest of the coursework at a later time. He said he'd look over my transcripts and get back to me. He informed me that I already had more courses than I needed for my major and that he could simply make a substitution for the course that I needed. So, long story short all I had to do at that point was drop the current course I was in so that it wouldn't effect my GPA and I could attend graduation. What's the point of this whole story you might ask? The point is simply this: I didn't know enough about the initial conditions in order to make a decision! The outcome was set from the beginning--I just didn't know it! Nor was it possible for me at the time to know everything about the initial conditions in order to make the decision that mattered: asking the chair of the department for a course substitution. So, the decision I was left with was no better than a coin toss (a 50/50 chance)! Now do you see the problem? How can we make decisions that lead to better outcomes than a coin toss? The simplest way is knowing everything or as close as possible to everything about the initial conditions of the situation for the decision we are planning to make. Maybe we never had to make the decision in the first place! Or the outcome of the situation was set from the beginning by some unknown variable! If we want better outcomes for the decisions we make we first have to explore all possible avenues of the situation, not just the most obvious! This leads me to my first reality hack: Explore every initial condition possible. There may be unknown variables involved which cause the outcome to be set from the beginning or that make the decision, itself, unnecessary.
  26. Intention Ritual to manifest my Nikons back/An experience Hey guys, I need you all for what may sound or could be a funny , worthy but also demanding (in terms of energy,intention and focus) little favor I need my 2 Nikon babies back in my life and in my hands. I need them to create, to breathe, to be me, they are like... my 4th eye. I learnt photography with them and so so so much more... I owe them my survival. My online photo gallery is here: I make this topic the center of my ritual. Thank you Teal for allowing me that space of magic. Whoever reads this is pretty much welcome to send me good vibes and visualise me smiling and happy with my Nikon babies back in my gear, gear of the heart. For an intention can be as strong as an action For I am sure I can count on you just like you can count on me, too THANK YOU! ❤️❤️ Deneb
  27. Ana ♡

    Funny story. I completely forgot about your comment somehow, didn't even manage to read it. Today, while watching Teals video about Self Love, I remembered that actually, I didn't get the chance to read your comment. And you mention this Abraham Hicks, I have heard of this guy many times in the past weeks and the 'Hicks' name was just so very familiar, so I went through all of my books and found a book about a Law of attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Absolutely lovely! Thank you for your helpful comment. I decided to stay here because I can't do much if I'm dead.
  28. Brodie

    It’s because this world is so fucking scared of feeling, and so becoming oblivious to one’s truth is a byproduct
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