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  2. I have this exact same problem! I became a class clown and bully when I was in school, because I felt rejected and desperately wanted attention. I feel like I actually do the same thing still today in Teal Tribe. I sorry to everyone that I acted harshly toward. I didn't really mean it. I just needed attention.
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  4. DEPERSONALISATION + DEREALISATION All my life I have never really felt quite 'alive' and everything around me has just seemed kind of fake. Its like I'm here but not really here. I feel like I am just watching my life, like a movie but not really in it. Because this is perspective is all I have experienced, I just thought life was like this. But then I started opening up to some people about this and I found they did not have this same feeling or perspective. After doing some research I discovered some things about dissociative states including: depersonalisation and derealisation. Unfortunately, I think I have both of these conditions. I would really like to hear what everyone has to say but also if this topic is of great relevance to many people it would be nice if Teal did a video on this. I am really struggling and if there are other people out there with similar problems it would be really nice to have some guidance of how to overcome these conditions.
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    My Love Life

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    Secondary Trauma

    I mean I knew this but it's so nice to hear it again because...well it gives me patience just creating space to allow them to feel again. Thanks.
  7. Lesa Spravka

    Unspoken History

    Yep. This is fascinating and very helpful information if we're to get some awareness going. Thank you Teal for you.
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    Sport Needs

    I appreciate Teals honesty and accuracy. It takes quite a bit of guts to say the truth, even if it makes you look "bad"!
  10. we do talk from time to time, but it feels like our relationship isnt going anywhere. like i said, she friendzoned me, we dont talk very regularly and even if we do its only if she wants to or not. it sometimes seems like she's wanting to avoid talking to me but would talk to the friend who made me meet her instead(they arnt a thing nor would she wanna be with him nor would he wanna be with her) so to talk to her i would wait for her to hit me up that happens once in a while and we talk for a few hours thats it. the conversation dosent continue till the next day.
  11. Hearing well the video: I put on my headphones and turn up the volume, it works that way!
  12. GabijaCij


    Teal has a message about the energy in the Universe today. Click here for Teal's Ask Teal video on Receving.
  13. There's an old saying that women fall in love with their ears. Have you thought about talking to her?
  14. update: as soon as i wrote this post, i was checking my instagram settings in search of an activity status setting so people dont see im online, a page opened which stated my average activity/average instagtam usage per day which was 1h11m. later i was going to school i saw 5 cars with the letters of her name in its numberplate and one with 9696. im comming to believe that im going insane
  15. Cavities and fillings..!! I found small black holes on my teeth. It's the starting stage of a cavity. I want to consult a dentist as soon as possible, but before that, I want to know some details of clinics providing tooth coloured fillings in Toronto. What are the peculiarities of tooth coloured fillings? What makes it different from other fillings? As my cavities are small, Is it necessary to use such fillings? I'm just curious to know more about the process. Do anyone here have any experience with taking such treatment? If you have any good suggestions, please let me know.
  16. I want to be liked, loved, respected, but the people around me expect me to take care of the property, them and everyone else and so i become their enabler unless I hold the line maintain the boundaries and tell the hard truths. They want to dump their responsibilities on me! I hate it and I try to turn that into teachable moments but it's so hard not to lose myself and my peace in the process. HELP! Any suggestions? Ditto!
  17. WOW .. "i don't want to take care of other people" ... breakthrough for me!!!!
  18. What would be reflected back? People who want your approval and affection and other obnoxious people who act like you don’t matter?
  19. hey, don't lose your head over it, you're with us now, at least. Can you tell me more about what you communicate to your parents and how they react? Are they literally ignoring you, or are they just misunderstanding you? You should know, that if you have feelings that your parents suppressed the hell out of themselves, they'll be really frickin' terrified to engage with them, and it might look like they don't care, but they're really just scared to the bones.
  20. Slow your thoughts down and reduce some of the chaotic thoughts occurring. If you don't want to cut the family out at this time, then don't and reduce some of the burdens weighing on you. Do they provide for needs other than the emotional ones? I You say that the family ignores your emotional needs. How do you visualize them meeting those needs? Do you believe that they can provide for those needs in that way you just visualized without neglecting their own needs. Looking for conflicts between those needs. Might help to list out your emotional needs (perhaps some examples) and how you expected them to be met and how they were not met. Three separate columns. Example. 1. You wanted to talk about an argument with the boss today. 2. You expected to discuss it right now. 3.Instead, you were left alone for an hour because of the family cat had a vet appointment and you never did get to discuss your problem that night. This is kinda like and action - reaction analysis. Next step is to see if both parties reactions are reasonably. If they are, well, that's a conflict that may require some work to mete out. Hope this is a start.
  21. Green Amity

    Are You Ready?

    YES!!!! I’m in 💖💖💖
  22. Teal team, these workshop videos are so frustrating. Even with the volume turned all the way up I can't hear them.
  23. not being listened to i feel like i am not being listened to or understood in my life right now. my family completely ignore my emotional needs despite having stated them over and over again. i don’t know what to do because i don't want to cut them out of my life and i know that i am not listening to parts of myself. i’m not listening to myself and i don’t really know how to listen to myself. i don’t know what it is that is causing such a horrible situation for me. i don’t have any idea what i am supposed to do to. how am i supposed to listen to myself? how am i supposed to un-suppress all of the things i've suppressed? it feels like they don’t really care about me at all. it feels really lonely. i just want someone to listen to me. why won’t anyone listen to me.
  24. a little confused about signs and messages so i'd like to talk about signs and messages from the 'universe' i'm seeing in my life lately, im going to describe the story as detailed as i possibly can and would love to know what you all think about. So everything started around 6 months ago; i was depressed and due to my depression, i became a heavy weed smoker. one thing led to another, i had fights here and there with my parents which resulting in me getting kicked out of my house. being a 19 year old and having nowhere to go, i walked to a big park thats a few kilometers away from my house, grabbed a bunch of rat poison and tried to attempt suicide (i dont need help for this, it was only because of me being kicked out and having no friends atm). i mixed the poison with my softdrink and i took 2 gulps of it when i said to myself (being very spiritual and undersanding how the universe worked prior) "ill only stop if the universe gave me a sign" suddenly my phone buzzes with a friends message saying "hey theres this girl who really needs to be in a relationship and she just might be into you. wanna meet her?" well, i stopped and ran away terrified. it felt as if someone was watching me. one thing led to another and i met her a few days later and OHH. MY. GOD. i fell in love with her. everything from her looks to her personality got me all dreamy. well this is when it all started, the next few weeks i met her once every week and everything was fine, we talked everyday, flirted a little here and there and cared for each other, describing each other as "cute" or "perfect" she ususally has alot of moodswings(which i dont really mind) and i asked her out during this, which led to her friendzoning me and a break of connection. we did not talk on chat, nor did we meet for weeks, and since then till now ive been seeing signs EVERYWHERE in my life. during this 'break of connection' in which we didnt meet' i learnt about the LAW OF ATTRACTION and found some good binural beats to which i meditated to and manifested her, which became a routine for me. i did it every night before sleeping and slept with the frequency on, i worked out and lost around 25kgs just to slim down and 'look hot' for her, i learnt about fashion, i learnt how to speak better, i became a new man. and this just happened on its own, i didnt force anything nor did i search things up on the internet. once i was done with this phase i started seeing number patterns EVERYWERE; 111, 1111, 1212, 555, 666, 999, 1212. I took this as a sign that the universe is watching me and i am recieving what i am manifesting. shortly after(few weeks) i hit her up and she texted me to videocall her and we talked for a few hours on call and decided to meet soon. ive met her a few times since this but i feel like she might not feel the same way, because everytime i push, she backs off. she dosent talk to me the same way as she used to (might be because i asked her out and she denied and asked to be friends) we met lastweek and we talked about alot of personal things. we also have a group with the friend who made me meet her where she, from time to time, complains about her being single and how she wants a boyfriend. her first and last names initials are A and J respectively; ive been seeing car numberplates starting with AJ. i once sat in an uber which started with the same letters with additionals and had the number 0111 in it, and i was going to meet her. i see the letters on numberplates every single day on different cars to the point where it dosent feel like coincidence as they are thousands of letter combinations with thousands of number combinations each. i have hundreds of screenshots in my phone with number combinations as i wrote above, and i dont usually see the time, im either pressing my power button accidently or just to see what time of the day it is, its mostly 11:11, 12:34, 4:44 and 5:55 its never a minute above or below. so my questions; what would these numbers mean for me now that you know the story? do the letters have anything to do with the 'universe'? i would truly be happy if i ever got to be with her and learn more about her life and her spirit, am i getting what i manifested for or is it just my perception and my mind playing games with me? i still manifest her in my free time, i think about her and her perfection and feel how it would feel like if i was with her, as a pair. do i keep manifesting or do i stop? from your own experiences, how high would my chances be of manifesting her into my reality? what might be the chances that she is seeing similar signs? she sometimes talks about me as a 'nice guy' and compliments me to others from time to time, is there a way i could break out of the 'friendzone' just by manifesting and meditating more? i am patient but just out of curiosity must i ask, how long does it normally take to manifest someone in your life?(if you have any experiences)
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    Sport Needs

    Love you toooo 💞
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