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Are You Experiencing Uncertainty Right Now?
  • Benefit From Your Fear Fear is a feeling that arises from any thought that takes you from away from what you desire.
  • Put An End To Self-Sabotage It's completely understandable that this is a hard time to make any decisions, in fact you may not be making any at all. This course covers how to work with indecision when in a crisis.
  • Own Your Power Power is energy. It is the inherent capacity to create, direct, influence or do something so as to bring about what we want. What if it has never left you?
  • A Crisis is defined as a time of extreme difficulty, uncertainty or danger.

    It is a time when very critical, important and usually difficult decisions must be made.

    Here's where to start.
    What's Included In The E-Course:
    - Part 1 - "How To React In A Crisis" (Lessons 1-5)

    - Part 2 - "How To Thrive In A Crisis" (Lessons 6-18)
    Part 1 - "How To React In A Crisis":
  • 4 clear go-to steps that guide you how to best react in a crisis when you need to respond immediately.
  • Your ability to thrive in a crisis is about being able to lower your stress response in the situation you are in so that you can begin functioning from the rational, objective mind and intuition. This lesson features a list of tools for how to do that.
  • This lesson explains why when dealing with a crisis, you need to simplify and features an exercise that will help you gain clarity on how you can do that in your specific situation.
  • A buoy is an anchored float. It is at the same time grounded and buoyant. This is the state of being you want to aim for during a crisis. Here Teal explains why and how to do that.
  • This lesson features a practical list of things you can do if you feel like you are drowning in uncertainty and instability.
  • What People Are Saying
    Marta Ballabriga Botella

    I am happy with the variety of exercises covering different areas and needs: parts work, deep emotional work, journaling, meditation, practices to calm the nervous system, self-expression, how to apply what we learn into our relationships… I like it because it is very much action-oriented and supports change in an integrated manner. It feels like is designed to scan through our subconscious functioning so we may embody more and more our free choice.

    Dr. Akiho Tanaka

    This timely e-course is a much needed lifesaver for the current global crisis. Rather than merely "coping" with life's adversities, this e-course provides so many practical and empowering tools, resources, and solutions to actively face the crisis directly and become aware of what is truly important to you to actually create the life you want to live. As a psychologist and therapist, I highly recommend this course for those who have gone through or are going through a crisis as well as mental health professionals supporting individuals in crisis.

    Nina Schreiber

    This course gave me some sense of safety and certainty by explaining the cycle of different stages someone’s mind and body rotates through, when processing a crisis during a time of crisis. Not only does the course give you an in-depth look of how a crisis affects different facets of your everyday life, but it also gives you hands-on exercises for speedy solutions, such has breathing methods, and comprehensive exercises, such as parts work.

    Part 2 - "How To Thrive In A Crisis":
  • This lesson features tools how to feel your emotions if you're numb and how to deal with different emotions when they come up.
  • One of the best things you can do if you’re facing a crisis is to understand that just like contractions are part of labor, waves are part of the process of healing from trauma.
  • Teal outlines how thoughts become fears, talks about how to take care of your fear and worry, and how to stop expecting the worst.
  • This lesson is all about coping mechanisms, denial and objective VS subjective reality. Teal outlines concrete steps how to come out of denial.
  • It is critical to recognize that there is a difference between what actually happens and the meaning of what happens. Teal explains why and how to see the different meanings you may have adopted.
  • Change is something that we naturally resist. In this lesson Teal outlines WHY and gives you an exercise how to deal with your resistance to any change in your life.
  • Teal shares a key insight to help in the process of letting go and stopping negative spirals.
  • This lesson features a deep dive into what causes depression and what keeps us depressed. Also, 5 key things to do if you are experiencing depression in conjunction with a crisis.
  • The decisions we must make in a crisis are difficult and they are important. Teal answers questions like "What should you do about indecision?" "What to do in a lose-lose situation?"
  • This lesson features a practice to return to the present moment that you can do on a daily basis, or whenever you feel yourself becoming lost in the surface existence of things.
  • Positivity, negativity and the importance of "AND Consciousness". Teal outlines how it can be developed.
  • Power is energy. It is the inherent capacity to create, direct, influence or do something so as to bring about what we want. This lesson includes 11 ways on how to realize you have power and how to own it.
  • Something that most people don’t know is that a crisis is a re-direct. Teal outlines how you can figure out what a crisis is telling you in terms of your personal direction in life.
  • About Teal Swan

    TEAL SWAN, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today, having integrated her own harrowing life experience, she inspires millions of people around the world towards truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy.

    Teal Swan’s worldwide following has given her the moniker “The Mirror.” She has earned this moniker because “when you step in front of her, you see the truth of yourself and the truth of the universe”.

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    What People Are Saying
    Danielle Jackson

    Teal has designed an incredible course that has the power to revolutionize how we as an individual, a population, and a world can thrive during any crisis.

    It will illuminate your path through any crisis or hardship. It’s helping me clear the clutter in my life to get to the core of who I am and what is truly important to me in such a loving, thorough, and efficient way. This is the most important work I’ve ever done for myself and, in my opinion, Teal’s best course yet!

    I invite you to empower yourself and utilize the tools, techniques, and processes given in this course that you will surely use for the rest of your life. I am so thankful for this course and for Teal and team. Thank you for helping me through the most painful part of my life, and helping me to remember who I am.

    Erica Martenson

    This course is absolutely invaluable for anyone struggling in a time of crisis. The lessons in it are instantly applicable, and after doing even just a few of the suggestions, I found my nervous system calming very rapidly. This made it so much easier for me to move forward and make decisions from a place of calm, relaxed clarity.

    Ashen Wolf

    I want to express so much gratitude for Teal Swans new e-course "How To Thrive In A Crisis". This course could not be more perfect to do just that.

    There is an intense excellence to how Teal comes to meet you from fear and uncertainty and exactly how you should be feeling in a crisis and proceeds to give you a renewed sense of clarity, purpose and empowerment to create and feel your control through difficult times.

    Her exercises are everything you need to be doing for yourself to bring about a sense of focusing in the right direction and moving forward in this game changing way Teal presents to us.


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