Completion Process Online Workshop

2:34 Do people need to know the steps of CP? Does one need to know or understand all the steps of the Completion Process before beginning? Can I just try to get them to the feeling and the memory without them knowing what we’re going to do next?

3:14 Using CP on Readers Block. Hi Teal. I want to apply the Completion Process to heal my reading block or reader’s block. I can’t focus on reading, even the books that I like.

4:05 Fear of CP.  I’m really scared of doing CP, is it common to be so scared that I want to cry?

4:20 Conscious and subconscious and how the subconscious believes in past or preceived consequences and stories

6:41 Triggers and Emotional Memory. How can I go into the Completion Process if I don’t even remember an event that happened? I just have the feeling , but I can’t understand it.

9:47 Cover Emotions. During the process I went to a memory where I felt something like numbness or nothingness, it was disassociation. I started to fall asleep during this, my thoughts drifted away again and again. I guess I did not want to experience what was underneath.

12:08 Physical Ailments/Emotional Neglect. A lot of people are asking on specific ailments or issues…like either physical issues or emotional neglect. They’re wondering if the process works with that.

13:23 Trauma and fragmentation as it applies to physical ailments.

15:00 People most susceptible to the flu.

16:08 Flooding Memories. I struggle with choosing a memory when several pop up. I try to trust and go with the first one, but after moving through the Completion Process I feel done with the memory, but a little bit of feeling flavor remains. I try not to judge and make myself wrong for the memory of choice.

17:30 Emotional flooding and recurring trauma.

18:53 Safe Haven/Sanctuary. Is it a good idea to include people who hurt you in real life e.g. your parents into the safe haven after transforming them in my mind and being there together with a safe support figure? E.g. in safe haven the real-life unloving unfather becomes the loving father the inner child always craved?

23:31 Self Trust. How do I trust myself again? Or how can the Completion Process assist someone who is stuck and uncertain as deeply as I am?

29:40 Is there ever an end to doing the Completion Process/Expansion? Did you address the people feeling like it’s never going to end?

36:26 Root trauma and retraumatization. Once the root trauma is integrated do the subsequent retraumatizations also get integrated at the same time? Or do some of the retraumatizations also need to be integrated separately?

38:17 Support figures within CP. Lately I run into a problem when I do the process by myself. The adult self does not want to take care for the child self. It is fed up with always having the responsibility and having to care for others or the stuff others messed up. When I try to go into this emotion there is a block.

39:48 Core beliefs and Trauma. Does the Completion Process work on beliefs and vibrations that we inherited via our genetics? Which instances would we need to do core belief work instead of the Completion Process?

42:23 Secondary Memories When I was facing my inner kid I couldn’t even look at her. I was feeling so guilty that I left her that I take forever to even look at her and I just zone out. What would help?

44:24 Trauma, Sexuality, and Authentic expression. How do you know if something is trauma versus being the way you are? For example: I am asexual aromantic, which means I don’t have sexual or romantic attractions. How do I know if that’s right for me or if I’m suppressing a part of me which is resulting in the absence of attraction?

47:30 Subconscious Positive Intentions. Sometimes when I get triggered I don’t want to solve it, but if I don’t solve it, it hurts. Should I force myself to solve it?

48:50 Indentitfying with Pain/Trauma. I feel like I’ve gone through the biggest breakthrough of healing and everything will be easier here on out. But even though I feel so much relief that I truly could be done with that part of my life, I’m still somewhat mournful about not feeling that pain deeply again. What aspect of me needs to be seen here?

50:42 CP with abused Children. Are there any special considerations for using the Completion Process with young abused children ages six to ten?

53:15 CP with children under 5 Does the process work on children below the age of five?

55:28 Positive Emotions after CP. I feel so different to work with CP last year because the result is that I feel more of the happy feelings rather than not feeling so much negative emotions after it gets cp. Is it normal?

56:31 Somatic Hallucination. I have experienced intense buzzing in arms and legs and sinking into strong emotions of devastation, hopelessness and flooding. It feels almost like vibrational stage of O.B.E., what do you think of this?

58:48 Rejected Aspects being mirrored. Can you talk more about hating an aspect within someone that is something you rejected within yourself a long time ago?

1:03:47 Doing CP alone. I’m scared to do the Completion Process by myself because a big wound of mine is being isolated and alone. Somebody else had asked about any tips on doing the Completion Process alone.

1:05:01 Finding CP facilitators and how often to do CP. How do you find a good match on seeking a CP facilitator? How often should we do sessions?

1:09:59 Secondary kickbacks of resolution/Guilt about meeting needs in CP/Step 11. My mom’s disease has worsened the next day after I released anger towards her in step 11. I believe we shouldn’t ignore the effects step 11 might have on other people.

1:16:40 Parts fracture into perpetrator as a result of trauma. What if the revenge do in our imagination doesn’t work? Like we try to make it possible to eliminate someone, but they won’t go away?

1:18:11 Doing CP when suicidal. Wouldn’t the Completion Process be dangerous for a suicidal person? Would it not throw me deeper into pain and make me not want to be here anymore?

1:21:01 Does expressing suppressed emotions towards others negatively effect them. My mother passed away and I had lots of suppressed anger towards her. Does that mean I had something to do with her death?

1:22:43 Meeting different needs in memories. Is it possible to be called back to the same memory twice?

1:24:25 Working with Programming or Fragmentation. I can’t tell if my memories are blurry because of fragmentation or programming. If I knew it was a program I could deactivate it, so I want to know what normal clarity level of recovered memory is.

1:26:40 Using CP with other modalities. What are the most appropriate domains for CP relative to other methodologies including for instance Hakomi or body oriented psychotherapies?

1:28:53 Using CP for weight loss. How can the Completion Process help with weight loss? For the sake of my health it’s been my focus for a while, but I don’t know why I’m over-weight. How can I find out with the Completion Process?

1:32:31 Attracting abuse. Why do we still attract abusive partners if we already worked on our abusive past, or why are we still sharing the same space? Are they mirroring our suppressed anger?

1:33:49 Emotional Suppression. Why is it so common for people to suppress their emotions in this day and age?

1:34:53 Doing while taking medications. Does the Completion Process work for people on anti-depressants? I’d love to stop taking(interrupted).

1:36:14 Going into emotions. When I notice a trigger I sometimes experience that I feel multiple negative feelings at the same time such as anger, impatience and frustration. Which one should I go deeper into?

1:37:44 Unhealthy patterns. I lately found a pattern within me where I do not allow myself to move out of a painful situation in order to prove others how much suffering they cause within me. This is of course.