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Most of us have struggled to understand who we are, why we act and react in certain ways, and identify the source of all our traumas. We flounder in relationships, agonize over the complications of family ties, and fail to understand even our own behaviors. Most people spend their lives trying to fix the surface symptoms of their problems and challenges without ever getting to the root cause. Unless you can discover the root causes of your traumas and challenges, the best you will ever do is try to use a lawnmower to get rid of “weeds” that have overtaken your backyard, yet they grow back even more strongly than before. This can leave you in a cycle of temporary relief that always leads back to disappointment that can be exhausting. Regardless of all the technology and social media in today’s world, you can end up feeling very alone and even isolated.
Hello… I’m Teal Swan. I didn't feel like I fit in with my family while growing up. I didn’t think we had much in common. My parents seemed quite content with a small life. They didn't value success on any grand scale. We lived a simple life in the wilderness, and they worked stable salary jobs with no ambition for any greatness. Yet I found the conformity of defined expectations difficult and even painful. No matter how hard I might have fought against my differences, the entrepreneurial spirit could not be stifled or bridled. Being so different resulted in deep loneliness.

How An Innocent Curiosity Uncovered
A Path to Miracle Convergence

One day, the idea of knowing more about my ancestral past became intriguing. I wanted to know my ancestors. I had no idea how this simple curiosity would change my life at its very core. On my ancestral journey, there have been so many moments of profound discovery… as if the skies opened with beams of light pointing me in new directions and revealing the very elements of my identity. I call these my ‘celestial ancestral’ moments! I uncovered major events, stories, and even small details that were like windows into who I am. As I dove into my own genealogy, I had a startling realization... I was not the one that didn't fit in my family. My parents were the odd ducks of our lineage! My parents were the misfits. In fact, my family tree is riddled with generation after generation of people that aimed for and accomplished greatness. From a great many business titans of early America to politicians and accomplished war generals. There are high society socialites with impressive titles and charities and pilgrims that crossed the Atlantic Sea on the Mayflower to establish a new country. The ambition may have skipped a generation, but when I discovered the motivations and personalities of these people in my lineage, I realized that I fit right in. And suddenly, I felt belonging with people I had never met and a new belonging in my family. Suddenly, I wasn't so alone. “And for the first time in my life I felt like I am in control!”

In Your Ancestry Lies the Essence of Who You Truly Are,
the Salve For Your Pain,
and the Keys to Unlock Your Intended Potential

Many people that have not yet sought the root causes of their life struggles, nor go back to examine their childhood and formative years. But they will often stop there. They do not connect with the continuum of their life force. Because most people only consider their experiences and situation from birth; they are forever perplexed and seeking to discover and understand themselves. Yet our traumas and triumphs and the essence of who we are, our identity, are all entrenched much deeper, below the surface of our lives, as with most ‘roots.’

Your Ancestors are Influencing and Affecting You Everyday

Our experiences in our lives are only part of who we are. You can have wounds that are rooted in your ancestry that unless you uncover and resolve, can keep you fated to a lifetime of pain. The Triumphs of Your Ancestors are Your Triumphs The Traumas of Your Ancestors are Your Traumas
Like you, most people are suffering from traumatic and negative experiences passed down to us from our ancestors. Until we know to delve into our challenges and pain at the root level most people will just hope and pray that something will heal or change with time. They might even examine their childhood hoping to solve everything, but lack the tools and awareness to much more than take a look. After experiencing the amazing journey of my own ancestry, and helping countless people do the same, sharing this magical and revolutionary program with you and others is one of my great joys. Now after years of research, development, and proven results, my new program, Ancestral Healing™ will help you discover your lineage and show you the steps to healing and reaping the benefits of your ancestry in a practical, straightforward way. By researching and discovering the lives, experiences, relationships, and events of your ancestors, and with the guidance of my program, you can heal, find answers, make sense of who you are, and realize how you might have actually ‘fit in’ all this time!

There is No Other Ancestral Healing Program Like This On Earth

Ancestral Healing incorporates shadow work into the healing process. The instructions and lessons are communicated in a clear, easy to understand way that anyone can follow and experience. Teal uses her leading-edge modalities such as her version of parts work to facilitate major positive change and heal past wounds rather than covering them up with futile and empty affirmations or spiritual bypassing. Ancestral Healing is a full-on journey into self-exploration that connects you and your life with the continuity of your familial line.

Discover the Magic of Your Existence
With An Exact Plan with Simple Step-By-Step Instructions
That You Can Begin Immediately

From the first lesson you will be taking a journey with amazing personal experiences. With guidance, you will learn what to do, how to do each step, and how to interpret your unique story.

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