• How can I work or volunteer for Teal?

    There are several ways that you can help Teal and her Team -

    1. Translate Teal's videos to your native language. Click here for a guide how to do that.
    2. Volunteer at her events. CLICK HERE to apply.
    3. Become a certified Completion Process practitioner and help others that are going through the same things as you. We have 2-3 trainings every year in the USA, Europe and other places.
    4. If you're a skilled senior expert in video editing, computer programming, marketing or another area you can send us your CV, motivational letter and 2-3 minute application video to support@tealswan.com
    5. If you have some spare time and want to do a few manual tasks remotely online feel free to email us using this link, we might have a few small tasks for you! (i.e. spell checking text, sorting Teal's material into categories, subtitling workshop videos etc.)
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    Still have questions?
    Email us here and our Support Team will be happy to help!