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Welcome to Your
1:1 Completion Process Journey

We're thrilled you've chosen to deepen your healing journey with our 1:1 Completion Process sessions. Below, you'll find a list of Teal’s top-rated Completion Process Practitioners. Please take a moment to read through their profiles, and select the practitioner who resonates most with you.

How to Book Your Practitioner

1. Review Practitioner Profiles: Take your time to read the testimonials and profiles of each practitioner. 2. Choose Your Practitioner: Once you've found the practitioner who best fits your unique needs and healing journey, click the booking link to schedule your first session. 3. Coordinate Your Schedule: After booking, you’ll coordinate directly with your chosen practitioner to set up your preferred times for future sessions.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Our Practitioners

Ashen 5 years+ experience

"Ashen is the most capable practitioner I know. I always derive an absolute sense of clarity and understanding from our encounters, and would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s scared to ask for help and scared to face their demons. It’s, honestly, an honor to heal in her presence." - Anonymous Book with Practitioner

Peggy 4 years+ experience

"I’ve had multiple sessions with Peggy and no matter how dark or deeply painful the experiences we dove into Peggy was with me through everything, her soft and nurturing presence feels so tangible, even through the screen. I’m extremely sensitive, and Peggy’s attunement has been incredible. I can’t recommend her enough, especially if you are sensitive and need the extra care." - Anonymous Book with Practitioner

Silvia 6 years+ experience

"Work with Silvia is an utterly life-changing, life-saving gift. She goes ALL. IN. Her surrender to her gift as a channel is epic and powerful and will crack you open to a higher state of awareness just in sharing space with her. She is a true master of helping you through the most buried hopeless ‘no solution’ pain I never knew existed in me so deep, that somehow always surfaces in her presence because she creates such a safe space.” - Anonymous Book with Practitioner

Stefanie 4 years+ experience

"I have worked with many practitioners and Stefanie is the best practitioner I’ve ever worked with! She has the amazing ability to make healing so effortless. I have personally experienced Stefanie to be an excellent practitioner for traumas around being scapegoated, shame, sexual traumas, gaslighting, and eating disorders. Stefanie is a natural healer, and you will definitely want her on your team!!!” - Anonymous Book with Practitioner

Dayeon 3 years+ experience

"After receiving one session, The puzzle that was scattered in my head is now complete. You are the person who completed the map in my mind through conversation with my subconscious, taking the path I did not even know was the destination. It has been a great help in my life by brightening the dark path of unconsciousness. Thank you so much.” -Dream Book with Practitioner

Cyan 8 years+ experience

“Cyan works for Teal, so I trusted him so much already, but just talking to him, you get a sense he is well versed in emotional work and deep diving into the subconscious. His talents and gifts are other-worldly, in that his level of attunement goes beyond a normal person. My CP session with him changed my life in the direction that I wanted it to go. You will thank yourself for investing in a session with Cyan.” -Marylin Book with Practitioner

Frithjof 2 years+ experience

“Highly recommended! Frithjof has helped me navigate through challenging times and achieve significant improvements in my well-being. He combines deep knowledge, genuine compassion, and a personalized approach to ensure the best possible support.” -Johana Book with Practitioner

Mark 7 years+ experience

"Mark is affectionately nown as the 'mind ninja' by those close to him and is valued for how stable and grounded he is. Because of this, he excels in helping to stabilize and ground others, which is imperative to the healing process when working with any patterns you are wanting to change. He's been a member of Teal’s community for 15+ years now and he lived with Teal before this as well." - Anonymous Book with Practitioner

We can’t wait to support you on this transformative journey.

With love,
Teal and Team

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