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    tcp.jpgIt wasn’t until recently that I realized the power the Completion Process Training. Not only for healing individual trauma but revolutionizing society at large.  The space we set and quality of people present allows walls to come down and inner children to come out.


    Unlike traditional schooling or courses the training is not simply an observational experience.  Trainees are asked to use and implement the process on themselves and others.  By experiencing it first hand, you will experience the power it has on oneself and you will see the profound affects it has on the trainees around you.  The training takes course in an intentional community setting, where practitioners are staying together, supporting each other, helping with clean up and transportation to the training. 


      group.jpgThe training is a profound experience diving deep into our psyches, challenging personal and mental barriers.  But you come out the other side with a deeper understanding of yourself and others.  It is a deep journey into presence and unconditional love.


    The course is taught personally by Teal Swan over a 3 day period.  A mixture of philosophy on the human psyche, personal exercises working with each other on both the connection process and the completion process.  Personal oversight by Teal.  Vegan Meals and Lodging are provided ensuring full participation throughout the course devoting your full energy to the training.


    13100671_10153611537128575_8173086067045098733_n.jpgApplications open 3 months prior to each training.  You will be responsible for getting to the training, including any flights or rides to the venue.  We highly recommend joining the Facebook Group Pages to connect with other practitioners before the event.


    Transformative 3 day course:

    • $1500
    • Meals/Lodging Included 

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