• About The Completion Process

    We all wish that our world were a platform for harmony and for pleasure. The reality, however, is that while there is harmony and pleasure here on earth, there is also conflict and suffering. Every day traumatized soldiers return from war. Inhabitants of war-torn areas struggle to pick up the broken pieces of their lives and move forward. Children are abused, women are raped, and natural disasters leave people with nothing. Emergency teams, such as ER doctors, first responders, and firefighters, assist others through horrific circumstances and often find it difficult to process the distress of what they have experienced. Others succumb to addiction to try to drown out the pain of emptiness. All of the difficult circumstances that we struggle with have one thing in common: Trauma.

    The year was 2001. Teal was sitting in a hole with her wrists and ankles tied together, completely at the mercy of her abuser. She had given up on life. She had succumb to the reality that her life was a torture chamber made for one, and that she was never going to get out alive. For years Teal did everything she could do to try to feel better to no avail. But it was there in that hole that she discovered the foundation for what she would later call The Completion Process; a process that would help make even the most wounded and fractured person whole again.

    Everyone on earth, regardless of how good his or her childhood may have been, has experienced trauma to some degree; therefore, everyone experiences post-traumatic stress to some degree. The people who know for sure that they have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the ones experiencing post-traumatic stress to such a degree that it interferes with their ability to function, thus they have been given an actual diagnosis.  Many people, who are simply struggling to try to feel good in their lives, cannot look back at their lives and pinpoint an exact event that caused their current pain.  It is hard for the average person to see that the root of the pain in their adult life is in fact past trauma.  The Completion Process however, allows you to see the root of your current pain and to resolve it.        

    The standard model for dealing with strong negative emotion is to think thoughts or take action to subdue the negative emotion and thus make you feel better.  The Completion Process takes an entirely different approach.  It invites negative emotion to act as a doorway through which you can connect with the aspects of yourself that are lost or unresolved.  A modern day soul retrieval process, The Completion Process quite simply allows you to put yourself back together again.  



  • Testimonials

  • Asteria Saruka cpt.png
    The completion process has changed my life, like no other process. It has allowed me to find myself. It has allowed me to overcome the things I didn't think were ever going to be something I could overcome. It has taught me to be friends with myself rather than be enemies. This process is raw. I have learned that it IS possible for me to heal; not only that, but I can heal myself. Everytime I come out of a completion process, I have a completely new perspective, it feels like a new reality. I feel more at peace. I want to almost say it's like magic, but no it's not, it's real and you FEEL it. - Asteria Saruka

  • natasha scott cpt.png

    My boyfriend has been receiving sessions & I'm seeing positive changes in him. He is writing a book & normally he would spend a couple of hours on it & as of late he has worked on it for up to 8hrs so obviously its opened up his creativity big time. - Natasha Scott


  • lesa spravka cpt.png


    It was hard to sit with my negative emotions, but once I tried it, I felt so much better. - Lesa Spravka


  • cameron cpt.pngI was poised to act out a variety of patterns that each were in stages of naturally coming to my awareness. The completion process brought them to my awareness immediately. So many of those patterns just stopped - I found myself genuinely bewildered about what I wanted to do next. This has shifted me into a proactive position with a genuine desire to play with intention without so much fear of unintended consequences. 

    I'm not done integrating from the sessions as each day it appears I am waking up to a series of experiences I've never really had before. This "unknown" brings great relief as the "known", while magical, was blurred with painful patterns that all I could do was practice daily loving approval for.

    I feel like this work has shifted my paradigm, making some prior problems irrelevant. This is very promising to me. 

    I've hired a completion practitioner three separate times for three different negative core beliefs and have began to practice the process on myself.

    If writing in a journal is an ideal way to reflect and get clear on intentions, the completion process is the ultimate pen and my internal world has become a cherished set of pages to rewrite my own story. The world outside keeps adjusting accordingly. I feel genuine gratitude, empowerment and a pure stream of endless wonder about this & especially appreciate that this process is lovingly inclusive of both my light and my shadows and all of the emotions associated with both. - Cameron Comstock

  • David Garrett  cpt2.png There are so many things about this process that are life changing, life enhancing and a sure fire way to create wholeness. I don't know where to start because there are so many things worth saying, all I can do is explain how I am using it. Before I discovered the process, I was spending years of my life meditating, working on beliefs and becoming really aware and making an effort to improve myself. I was having good results but I couldn't get over my past, and I wasn't feeling whole. I had control over my emotions, I was open minded but was doing the typical running away from the shadows & they always came back. This is what happens when we're unconscious. 

    Because the World is dominated by law of attraction and whatever is thought about grows, so there's no way to truly run away from something, no way to get rid of anything so this process ultimately has given me the ability to sit with the aspects of myself I hate, I'm scared of, that fill me with fear and pain & allow it. Something I spent my entire life doing the opposite of. Some of the best days I've had since using this have been me sitting down, feeling the emotions, being scared but feeling this huge empowerment in stopping the energy flowing to the past and becoming present, sitting there and feeling the energy consume me but in owning it, it can change, it will heal.

    This process will teach anyone how to achieve that and it works every single time I use it! Feeling powerless, unconscious and not understanding why things happen is replaced with awareness and being present. And man, being present is the most beautiful thing, even using the affirmation “I am completely here with this” and it hurts...but it's so beautiful to be present with a part of me that was traumatized. It has changed my outlook, how I address my emotions, my brain, my subconscious, my attitude and my health.

    I would recommend this to anyone who really finds its incredibly hard to move on from their past and move on from painful experiences. I have been able to discover and watch myself heal from traumatic experiences, neglect, abuse, trauma, body issues and so on. The sky is the limit, I can literally find out (and will as a result without even trying half the time) anything about myself and past using this! The physical feeling of integration where consciousness that was fractured, rejoins is euphoric, it's practically orgasmic and becomes addictive, knowing that no matter how painful the memory and trauma, it will always shift to a higher vibration. In my opinion, this is what true security in my own skin feels like. 

    Other things I love about the completion process is that things I've tried to fix, get over and change with lots of effort always failed and got worse but shifted because of doing the completion process, it becomes a habit to be aware of emotions now. Outside change happens organically rather than through forcing it. Relationships improve vastly, quickly and in some cases over night or within hours! I play a game with myself now were I count how long it takes me from leaving my house before I meet someone who starts to speak to me, it takes minutes. People just know something is different about me because energy becomes purer. I don't view the completion process as something to be done, then I'm healed, it's something that provides continuous support, I literally learn something new about myself every day, every week & life is interesting, it's a good way to fall in love with yourself.

    Ultimately I love people and situations changing around me because the vibration that was stuck changes, it no longer exists, so the outside World has to match it. It's magical. I want to thank Teal for teaching it and anyone wanting to try it, I hope you do it & tell as many people to do it too." - David Garrett