• Starting And Running Your Community: Tips & Tricks


    How do I start a Community?
    First of all, thank you for considering starting a new Community!
    Visit our Members Map section and check out the existing Communities. If you cannot find one near you, we have an application there to start a new one (you must be logged in to see it).

    Once your Community is added to the website it will get:


    Based on some experiences of the current communities, here is a list of ideas, tips and practices that you might find helpful in starting and running your community.

    If you have more ideas and practices that have been helpful in your community you’re welcome to send them our way through our contact form.


    After You Start a Community

    • Spread the word. Let your friends around you know about the Community and encourage them to join the discussion in the forum.
    • Cooperate! Find other volunteers for the community that want to help spread the word and initiate activities. The “Community Host” feature on the website helps you do exactly that.



    Once some members join, start creating Events to bring everyone together and build stronger connections. Practice shows that if possible, it’s best to meet at least twice a month. Here are some tips for meetups:

    Before You Meet Up

    Creating an event

    • Come up with a time, place, theme and plan. You can do this collectively - make a thread in your Community Forum and ask others for ideas and suggestions.
    • For meetup themes you can get some inspiration below, in the Event Themes section.
    • You can make a voting poll in the Forum section to count everyone’s opinion.


  • Event Ideas and Themes

    • Once you meet up, jumping right into Shadow Work has proven to be an effective way to create deep, lasting bonds with one another. A mistake a lot of people make is to try to make it purely social in the beginning, thinking this will help people to be more comfortable... but what really happens is that it is just another meetup group with surface level connections where people are awkwardly chit-chatting by the chips and dip and then never come a second time!
    • Do a potluck before or after the activities that you have planned.
    • Watch a video and do a process to go along with it. Some examples are “The Connection Process”, “Future Self Process”, for inspiration other processes can also be found in our Processes section.
    • A lot of Teal’s videos feature questions – collectively watch that video, answer the questions and have a discussion.
    • You can do a group meditation – Teal has a few on her Youtube channel and many more on Gumroad.
    • Watch a livestreamed workshop together.
    • Have specific theme based gatherings. Some examples can be meditation topic inspired themes (i.e. “Cutting Cords”), chakra themes (i.e. “Heart Chakra Party”), etc.
    • Read and do or discuss a self-love practice from “Shadows Before Dawn”.
    • “Spy” on other Communities in their Forums and get some inspiration there.
    • Do Yoga or other forms of exercise together.


    Once You Meet Up

    Here is an example of a meetup plan that you can use for inspiration:

    • Short introductions all around (why are you here, how long you've been following Teal's work, what you are wanting to get out of gathering like this as a community, etc.)
    • Turn off the lights and do a brief meditation (grounding, chakra clearing, heart meditation, etc.)
    • Have people connect with their bodies while in this meditative state.  Ask anyone who is having sensations arising (physical or emotional) that they feel are asking to be seen and want to go into speak up when they feel called.
    • The facilitator can then lead the person through an integration. This can be Completion Process, but not necessarily. This requires a degree of intuition, and willingness to go with the flow of both the individual and the group. It can be more of a "follow the feeling" process, or perhaps the person just needs to cry or be held, or it may be a simpler version of Completion Process, like in Teal's "Healing the Emotional Body" video.
    • Encourage the group to hold space and contribute presence and encouragement. In fact, it is a good idea to either watch the "Emotional Wake-up Call" video, or print out tips for the "Emotional Wake-Up Call" before the actual event so that people have a good idea of how to hold emotional space for one another.  The facilitator can step in and steer people in a more appropriate direction if the energy is getting a bit off center.


    In The End of The Meetup

    • Have everyone share about their experience, socialize, talk and share phone numbers at the end. In fact, it's really good to have a white board or a big piece of paper where everyone who wants to can write down their contact info, and then people can just take a picture of it.



    Need more help?

    You can contact Julia Friedman, one of the "Teal Tribe Silicon Valley" members. She is also a Certified Completion Process Practitioner and you can find her profile here.


    By Julia Friedman