Houston Syncnhronization Workshop

Event details

Looking forward to our return to Houston! 

Houston was the first city we travelled out of state to and as far as I'm concerned the birthplace of the Synchronization Workshop. 

Event Location

The Whitehall Houston

1700 Smith St, Houston, TX 77002

10am - 5:30pm 


Tickets On Sale! 


General Tickets 



It's going to be a beautiful weekend.  Join the Facebook Event Page for rideshares, accommodation shares, and alternative events happening that weekend. 

Facebook Event Page 



A Unique Online Experience! -  Teal has been incorporating more Group Exercises into her events and we have added this to the online experience.  Now, when you sign up for the online event you hook up with 3 other members through Skype/Google Hangout during the workshop to participate in the live experience.  It brings a much more live experience to an otherwise observational event. 

To Find a Group for Online Viewing visit


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Guest Joseph Kilian Zenner


yo yall, check out the interview we are doing from Houston with much of the old crew of the original show in attendance for this one including Ana CQ, Jordan Pannell, Chris Shannon and musical guests Martian Cooper (not confirmed) and Sherita Perez (confirmed)...   oh and did I mention Teal Swan will be on?   We are so excited to have Teal back in Houston yall!   Yehaaa and howdy!   Keep  your eye on this event for some very affordable housing options if you are coming...  https://www.facebook.com/events/1207935442653118/


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Has the place been determined where the workshop will be held? I am looking into a place to stay near the event. Thanks so much for info :-)

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