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We welcome you to the very first ever retreat with Teal Swan at her new retreat center Philia in Costa Rica.
In this extraordinary workshop, you will be going into it completely blind and so will she. As an extrasensory, Teal Swan, the internationally recognized spiritual leader will show up completely unprepared.  She will observe the group and based on her observations, she will custom design the workshop to the specific attendees that stand before her. A curveball is something that is unexpected, surprising and disruptive. We call this workshop “The Curveball” because those of us who know Teal, know that she loves to throw curveballs. It is a guarantee that by attending this workshop, you will encounter the unexpected, you will be surprised and the patterns that are holding you back will be disrupted.
It will not be possible to attend a curveball workshop and for your life to continue along its current course. The question is: Are you ready for it?
Location: Philia Center, Atenas, Costa Rica
More info and tickets: http://philiacenter.com/retreats/192/the-curveball-a-teal-swan-workshop/
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