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Find out what
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that you
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  • PULL A CARD. You get not only in-depth descriptions of each Sigil but also actual practical steps that you can take to improve on your blindspots.
  • CARD OF THE DAY. Start your day ahead of the curve, find out what blind-spot you’re a match to!
  • GUIDED READINGS. The app features unique never before seen spreads that help you gain awareness on topics like - your needs, wants, conflicts, blocks on giving & receiving love, physical body, etc.
  • SIGIL DATABASE. Skim through the entire database and see all the 78 cards with Teal Swan's unique Sigils on them.
What are you not seeing? The Blind Spot Oracle Card Deck is designed to specifically tell you what you’re not aware of relative to any subject in your life. Each card in the deck acts as a berth for a specific SIGIL (an inscribed or painted symbol or seal). This is not a regular positive focus deck! The Blind Spot Oracle Deck shows you REALITY, which, as we know, is not always comfortable. The question is - are you ready to choose to hear the uncomfortable truths over comforting lies? If the answer is yes, this App is for you. "Reality is your only axis of power." - Teal Swan
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