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A singer notices a talented vocalist, a car mechanic notices a well-made engine.  What do I notice?

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From "100 Of The Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself"

Nothing has the power to completely alter perspective and therefore your thoughts and actions and life quite like a question. Inquiry leads to understanding. The quality of the answers we arrive at, correspond directly to the quality of question we ask. The better the question, the better the answer. One of the most important things to realize about a question is that a person learns far, far more from the process and work involved in answering a question than from the answer itself. This is why spiritual teachers throughout history (including myself) have tended to pose so many questions to their students rather than to simply offer a direct answer. For this reason, I have selected a collection of 100 of the most powerful questions that you can ask yourself.

Make sure to take time to carefully consider each question that is posed in order to meaningfully answer them. And don’t forget to come back to these questions again and again throughout your life, especially whenever you are feeling stuck, because the answers will most likely change over the course of your life and also cause you to change your course in life.

- Teal Swan

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I notice people who are tapped into their own emotions 🤔 Or maybe all kinds of their emotions 🧐

I notice the most gorgeous insanely minimalist design elements 🥰 I also notice materials that have “good vibes” 🤷‍♀️

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I notice good taste, authentic style (I love aesthetics; beauty for beauty's sake.) 

I also notice pretense (pretense is a super pet peeve of mine, thanks mom😃.) Drives me up the wall.

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I notice the depth of person, their life, if they are happy to go within, If they are open for inner work, their purpose according to human design, their willingness to change their life for the best of all around them,  how in self love they are, how unconscious their life is /or conscious, ... little things that tell me so much about each person: their divinity, likes, .... , what their dead ends are, their life flowering- how connected to God they are...,their inner children, their open hearts, their triggers,...their this life time options for thriving or not/ blockages. 

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Conscious behaviour and people. Social mechanics. Subtleties. The grand narrative of events. Nooks and crannies, unusual spaces. Colours. The underworld. Faery areas. Girl's butts. Honesty, deception. The elephant in the room. People's ways of interacting with the world. Unusual arrangements. Magical individuals positive and negative ones. Soul groups. 

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I notice if someone is pretending. I notice if something will work. I feel I can fairly judge the credibility of people around me. I can also see whether what a person provides is a quick fix/ escape route or an actual solution to help in the overall development of the person. I can tell if someone is superficial or addressing the root cause of an issue. Damn! That's what I should be doing in life. 

I am also good at computers, even though I am a Doctor. Like, I find solution to a thing and I am obsessed with it (external things) and obsessed with gaining knowledge. 


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I notice energy and micro expressions, when energy doesn't match words, when things are concealed. I notice details. I notice nature and the beauty in it. I notice patterns. I see through masks even when I wish it wasn't one. 

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I tend to notice scholarship. A well-researched, and thought out expression of any kind truly lights me up. I love it when people know what they know.

I'm also very appreciative of people who are self-loving, that's something that I personally struggle with, so I love to see it in other people, I guess it inspires me :).

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I notice the pain of people and their struggles, I notice the things they are not aware of and how to show them the way towards it
I notice dysfunctional and functional patterns in everything, I notice which questions need to be asked and what answers need to be provided
I notice the shared aspects polarities have in common, the bigger pictures and the little details, I notice multiple layers of nuance and the win-win solutions in all situations
And most of all, I often notice the subconscious parts of people before I notice their conscious parts, causing people to feel disturbed and/or triggered since I bypass their protective masks
People have a love/hate relationship with me, because they find me useful but also stress inducing/exhausting to be around, unless they have chosen to walk the path of learning, healing and awareness

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I notice great game design and what game is going to succeed just by looking at it. I notice great teachers and love the unique approaches each one take for the same topic. I notice great healing modalities when i see them/experience them. I notice long lasting love/compatibility when looking at two people friends, lovers, or otherwise. I notice great poetry and play on words describing a bigger problem/solution that pass the human ego with the eloquence of metaphor and relatability.

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I notice how much authentically in tune to eachother people actually are. how real relationships are. (for the most part they arent and people dont bother alot, for the most part they subconsciously agreed to  playing zero sum games) 

And what I notice is that compared to the average schizophrenic people, though that state often comes along with alot of isolation. Are way more open, vulnerable, emotionally authentic (and atuned) in a very important way. (while closed of in a different way, to guard themselves) (and I find these people to be more trustworthy than others) and make me more open and soft and authentic and at ease/peace. 

I notice alot the strength of mentally ill in comparison to "average mentally healthy" people. 

I wittness many faults in the mental health industry. (not really recognized by the majority of "healthy people) 

I recognize weither someone is authentic truthful also pure in a sense. (alot) 


I can sense weither it is a personal setting or a formal setting when I encounter my doctor, and I feel very uncomfortable those sessions beeing for the most part formal. To me thats not trustworthy

This beeing said I struggle with this world accepting it. Feeling safe in it, for many very good reasons. Life experience. 

I guess I'm good at sensing intentions.

I know emideatly weither a moment of coming together and connect is authentic or not. 

And my closest friends are scizophrenics. 

Sometimes they might hurt me or overwhelm me too. But they'd never hurt me like others, theres a naivity to these people, and those connections are real. (and in a sense schizophrenics beeing called out to be socially distancing/difficult, I find them to be way more giving and going into longterm authentic emotional connection, than other people. 

Im very annoyed and disappointed by the average personXD

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